IDF razes Palestinian infrastructure in West Bank communities

According to UN data, Israel razed some 400 Palestinian structures in the West Bank’s Area C between the start of the year and mid-August, including 120 houses.

By Amira Hass | Haaretz Daily

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Israeli army destroys water cisterns and dwellings in southern West Bank


Israeli bulldozers entered the Palestinian village of Zenuta in the South Hebron Hills Tuesday morning and demolished water cisterns, residential dwellings and sheep stables, devastating the small community of only seven families. 

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Deutsche Welle Radio: West Bank Village Susya a symbol of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict

The Village of Susya is a collection of tent dwellings located in “Area C” of the occupied West Bank. But like with many villages in the West Bank, Palestinians and Israelis conflict on who is entitled to live in the area. The Israeli Civil Administration has now issued demolition orders for the village.This week, a temporary injunction runs out and the village becomes subject to demolition.