Act Now to Save Susiya – Stop the Expulsion!

On May 5 2015, Israel’s High Court of Justice ruled to allow the army to demolish the entire village of Susya and expel its residents, numbering around 340 men, women and children, to Area A of the Occupied Territories. Considered a highly unusual move, the court refused to grant an interim order freezing the implementation of the demolition until the court hears the discussion on the appeal to authorise the village. The opposition of the state to the interim order request suggests that it intends to demolish the village in the near future.

How can you help?

You can help their cause by sharing their story and spreading their appeal through social media using #SaveSusiya

Write to your representative in congress or MP and ask them to intervene. Example letter Regarding the proposed demolition of Susya

Spread this post to your friends, family and colleges.

Updates on what’s going on in Susiya, see the campaigns of Rabbis for Human Rights and B’Tselem.

פלייר ש ל בצלם Ssave Susiya

My home is everythinga film made by the residence of susiya

 Don’t Expel Palestinian Susiya

For English subtitles, go to the “cc” button on the bottom right side of the video window and choose “on.” If you can’t see the cc option click on the youtube icon which will direct you directly to the youtube movie.


Update from the Two Supreme Court Petitions on Susya ›

The Supreme Court of Israel | cc: wikipedia

Last Thursday we came to the Supreme Court to protect the future of Susya, from both demolitions and violence. Read the outcome of the legal discussion. Thanks to everyone who distributed the call for help (thousands of letters were sent to President Shimon Peres asking for his assistance) and who came to the Court!

The Supreme Court published its interim decision today on the future of the Palestinian village of Susya [31 Jan 2013]: 

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Press Release: Important Supreme Court Session on the Future of the Palestinian Village of Susya

Press Release: Important Supreme Court Session on the Future of the Palestinian Village of Susya ›


On Thursday the Supreme Court will hold two sessions regarding two petitions affecting the future of the Palestinian village Susya. One will discuss the organization Regavim’s petition to expedite the demolition of most of the village. The other petition seeks to prevent the villagers’ remaining lands from being rendered off limits to them.

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